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Tiarra Series

Tiarra Simon travels from Hawaii to London on a fundraising mission, where she meets billionaire Alexei Ibramovich. Their lives will never be the same…

Tiarra’s relationship with Alexei develops on a rollercoaster ride between London and Barcelona. However, her past starts catching up with her…

Tiarra embarks on a trip to Argentina with her brother Javier. Her dark past, however, is waiting there for her and she will need to face her own shadows…

Blondie Trilogy
Andre journeys to Paris where he finds Simona – his former lover who ‘escaped’ following his betrayal. Can they fall in love again as they hobnob through beautiful European cities?

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Mimi Marten face pictureMimi Marten was born in Czechoslovakia, behind the Iron Curtain. She left the country as a teenager, soon after the Velvet Revolution that brought down Communism. She has worked on a cruise liner across the Caribbean and Alaska, studied and worked in New York City and Connecticut in hotel management, before making Maui, Hawaii, her permanent home.

She is presently writing two series.

The Tiarra Series books are about Tiarra Simon, a strong and independent woman from an impressive family of diplomats. Now living in Hawaii, she embarks on a fundraising mission to London. There she meets Alexei Ibramovich, a powerful, rich, and intimidating owner of The Chelsea Football Club. As they both realize that a lot more than Tiarra’s funding request is at play, the darker shades of both their past lives emerge and quickly take over…

The Blondie Series is a trilogy. The first book — Trouble finding Blondie — introduces Simona, Andre, and Philippe. It is ultimately a story about a quest for love, trust, understanding, and family. Following Andre’s betrayal, Simona now lives in Paris leading a comfortable life, desperate to start over. Andre walks back into her life after a year apart and wants her back. In the meantime, Philippe Bouchard, Simona’s rich and mysterious friend, whose relationship to her seems unclear, stands in the way…

Both of these series are stories about strong women put in impossible situations. They may at times seem too perfect, or too sexy, or too flirty. But ultimately the heroes in these books are the better versions of ourselves, who try to find love, respect their moral codes and their ever-present large families, and live lives full of meaning. Mimi’s gift for analyzing our deepest desires and flaws gives a great sense of depth to these books that are not typical romance and do not necessarily always have the classic happy endings. You have been warned!

Mimi lives on the beautiful island of Maui. You can find her walking the north-shore beaches, swimming with the dolphins, or drinking wine on her porch.

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